Practicing at the confluence of art, architecture, and building technology, we collaborate with clients to create buildings and environments in dialogue with culture and place.

Within the agency there is no predefined style, we adapt our creativity to a specific client, to a specific project or to a unique location. Our signature lies with the mastery of details, the reinterpretation of local materials with a contemporary architectural style based on strong concepts.

Our architecture is a meeting point. Of a place, a client and a strong desire to create a pure, minimal and elegant architecture. Of our sensitivity to preserve and enhance the spirit and character of the location. Of listening and being inspired. Of our aspirations and multi-cultural references informed by our experiences, travels and literature.

We can be just as inspired by the purity of traditional Japanese architecture, the elegant simplicity of the Queenslander, the refinement of an Island resort, by the major works of Peter Zumthor or of contemporary spaces from Australia, Brazil, Belgium, Sweden or Spain.

These meetings are born out of desire for the creation of spaces of simplicity, harmony, serenity, elegance, subtle luxury and ultimately pleasure.


Master planning, Residential, Multi-Residential, Commercial, Interiors, Public (Kindergartens, Schools, Sports, Medical Centres) to name a few.

Project Management

edgearchitecture is diverse in scope of services with project management as both an inclusive service, or stand alone to manage projects throughout the delivery process.

Legal Work

edgearchitecture has been involved in work requiring particularly diligent attention to legal matters associated with larger scale development projects and has undertaken a number of commissions for expert legal opinion and reporting in New South Wales & Queensland.

Clients & Partners

“A satisfied costumer is the best business strategy of all.” Michael Leboeuf

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