Serenity Resort

Refurbishment of an Island Resort in Fiji


  • Serenity Island, Fiji


  • 2018

Scope of services

  • Architectural services
  • Interior Design, including FFE
  • Acquisition of the Fiji resort island 'Kadavulailai' prompted a review of island assets and refurbishment of basic facilities for day guests towards a 3 to 4 star accommodation resort proposal.
  • The client's business oriented around conference facilities and associated meeting spaces. The existing central communal building was supplemented with verandas, breakout pavilions, bathrooms and administration offices.
  • Adjacent recreation building accommodated reception, bar and guest lounges, all overlooking a new swimming pool and surrounding timber recreation decks.
  • A new pavilion in indigenous character linked the recreation and dining buildings, prompting a new visual amenity and entrance to the island resort.
  • Individual bures lined the foreshore, sitting comfortably under swaying palm trees. The existing structures needed to be rebuilt due to salt corrosion, with addition of new cladding, louvre windows and timber framed glass doors. Furniture fittings and equipment were sourced from New Zealand and installed to complete a vibrant and fresh interior feel.
  • The limited timeframe to open the resort prompted innovative design and documentation scheduling. Landscaping by local islanders completed boardwalks and planting to complement the new resort.