Kadavulailai Island Resort

New Development of an Island Resort in Fiji


  • Serenity Island, Fiji
  • In conjunction with refurbishment of existing resort components the new owner and client sought a masterplan to redevelop the whole island into a world class island resort.
  • edgearchitecture, working in conjunction with 'Land Thinking', prepared all building components associated with the masterplan layout. The island design focussing on beachfront and internal lagoon waterway allowing the owner to travel direct from mainland to his personal villa deck.
  • Accommodation in the first stage is limited to one hundred rooms extending to two hundred upon completion. A variety of accommodation bures are linked with beachfront and lagoon outlook. Restaurants, recreation areas and pools are distributed throughout the resort, all serviced by associated back of house activities and islander accommodation.
  • Conference facilities are intrinsic to the client's business activities, based on international standards and world class communication.
  • Hyatt have expressed strong interest in operating the resort. Coordination meetings with Hyatt in Hong Kong determined edgearchitecture to be retained as architect and interior design.