Legal chambers

Interior design and Construction Administration


  • Barrister Chambers 3
  • Phillip St, Sydney


  • 2016
  • Located in the prestigious legal precinct in Phillip Street Sydney, this chamber within Wentworth, upon first inspection, displayed the typical collection of legal books and files plus a desk facing the entry door.
  • edgearchitecture based the interior design around a visually striking desk composed of glass and timber, reorienting the client away from door and promoting display of artwork and personal objects. Legal books and files were accommodated as well as kitchenette and personal storage. The particular challenge to accommodate 100 pairs of fashion footwear.
  • The strong visual connection between desk and overhead custom lighting design offers a stimulating work environment, rich with visual amenity and a pleasure to spend time in a work environment.
  • The success of this spatial arrangement and interior design has resulted in a number of other individual chamber designs for legal peers.