Our client challenged #edgearchitecture to design an amazing building which would house a major tenant – “Art Work Spaces” who would offer flexible work spaces – the trend sweeping businesses around the globe.  Blurring the lines between hospitality, home and office, flexible working is about Conversation and Collaboration. Freedom and Flexibility.  Innovation and Opportunity.

With an abundance of Natural Light, High Ceilings and a 2 Storey Living Green Wall, the building not only includes an environmentally responsible and a resource-efficient concept, but it also integrates health, wellness, and human experience in the building.

Edgearchitecture understood what the owners needed to accomplish – a building that was designed to achieve operational efficiencies, sustainability and which would embrace technology to complement the mantra of the key tenant which was to not just sell spaces but “productivity as a service”.

The site, the context and the clients all combined to make this project exciting. The integration of art, interiors, architecture and in a civic context was a great challenge and one we hope will be appreciated for a long time.

Architecture & art should be pursued and fostered for contemporary projects throughout our regional city as a matter of course, and enhanced with artistic endeavours from our arts community.

The façade and colonnade complement the neighbouring “gallery precinct”, bounding the gallery heritage gardens, and securing a grand contemporary artwork as an inherent component of the “gallery precinct”.

A joyous collage of material, craft & geometry. Coordinating form, texture, patterns, light and shade. Practicality of screening sunlight, enhanced by manipulation of light and shadow. The holistic artwork design derived from a geometry of 2 and 3 dimensional hexagon forms.  “butterfly wings” rotated within the hexagon forms develop the larger facade artwork . A visual delight from a distance and different viewing points, with intriguing details in close proximity.

Contractors and Suppliers on this project :