Extension and Refurbishment - UNDARA EXPERIENCE


  • Savannah Way, Australia


  • 2006

Scope of services

  • Architectural services
  • From Undara Lodge, the award winning Savannah Guides’ tours provide visitors with a unique insight into the geology, ecology, local history and bush craft of the region. The client reinforced the importance for the Lodge to develop and modernize without losing the st since the family first settled the area 140 years ago. The increasing number of visitors to the Lodge necessitated an expansion of the central dining, bar and entertainment area. Undara Lodge was seeking a solution evocative railway stations of the world and a stockman’s bush camp, a hard brief – but one which Undara believes has been achieved through mixing modern technology with good old fashioned Outback Ingenuity. The structure was designed for the cli environmental considerations such as water collection as well as sensitivity to the original railway carriages used extensively throughout the resort. The form maximizes the visual and environmental elements that make Undara unique while with shelter from rain and sun and encouraging breezes. It also promotes environmentally sustainable principles power requirements and maximizing water collection opportunities in this remote location. The roof design has all the characteristics of bush architecture utilizing modern technology for clear spans. The steel roof is complemented and contrasted by lightweight membrane sails allowing filtered daylight to an impressively large covered area. Both day visitors and overnight guests will gather within the central Lodge area to soak up the style and atmosphere established of both the great climate with strong providing a covered outdoor space – minimizing y surrounding nature.