Gymea Bay Residence

New Residence


  • Gymea Bay, Port Hacking NSW

Scope of Services

  • Planning, Architecture, Interior Design


  • Gymea Bay and Port Hacking attract an intrinsic connection to the foreshore and treed slopes rising from the water's edge. Steep sloping land prompted a number of stepped platforms to take in the coastal scenery and respond to topography. A new home arranged over four levels with two plunge pools intrinsically related to living areas and northern elevation.
  • Passive energy principles resonate within this house design in keeping with design for thermal comfort, consistent with the acknowledged completed works of edgearchitecture. Orientation of habitable spaces towards the northern façade allowing management of sun penetration through shading. Daylight and solar access are provided to all habitable spaces allowing winter sun and screening summer sun, whilst allowing for breeze penetration at the level of activities throughout the living spaces. Privacy to and from neighbours is achieved through the use of recessed balconies and vertical screens allowing desirable sun angles and air movement, as well as screening towards neighbours’ external recreation areas.
  • The inclusion of garden roof decks provides a non-reflective low roof profile and insulation to storey beneath, as well as visual amenity for the occupier, neighbours and viewshed from the waters of Gymea Bay.