Brunei Conference Centre


  • Negara Brunei Darassalam

Architectural Design

  • Completed

Scope of services

  • Architectural services
  • Project Management
  • Winning design for an international architecture competition to provide a world class facility for Brunei to host international and Asia Pacific conferences.
  • Commissioned by the Sultan of Brunei, this facility required three principal theatre/banquet halls from 2000 to 350 seats with state of art support equipment, ministerial guest room and offices surrounding a grand reception gallery.
  • Following initial Design Concept, Gordon Beath relocated to Brunei to undertake Design Development and coordinate Documentation split between teams established by Gordon in Brunei and Sydney. The consultant team was internationally based supplementing local expertise.
  • Following the initial commission for the Brunei International convention Centre ($400million) Gordon was requested to undertake design and procurement of a variety of major projects including accident and Trauma Hospital ($250million), International Hotel ($400million), 3 no. principal residences ($100million ea.) and guesthouses, executive residential estates, memorial museum to the Begawan, and a number of other special use developments including the planning for the relocation and redevelopment of the principal township for the country. The expertise required for Brunei was developed from sensitivity to the particular requirements of the client, initiation of project teams (international and expatriate) and construction working environment.
  • Each project contains world class technology, in a luxuriant setting, with planning layouts which meet the needs of the Muslim clients.