Beach House

New construction


  • Trinity Beach, Australia


  • 2018

Scope of services

  • Design
  • The development of this site required a landmark development to satisfy the state and local authority and surrounding residents.
  • Located on a prominent corner site on the northern beaches of Cairns, this project is to accommodate mixed uses, including restaurants, food outlets and business premises.
  • The relationship with the street is inherently important, acknowledging the interaction of pedestrians, patrons, business activities, landscaping and weather screening. The scale of the building is assembled from pattern of distinct elements.
  • Each internal space has been designed to allow an optimum relationship with the site’s context including access, views, and privacy with complementary attention to energy efficient sustainable design practice. The building forms have been designed to present a tropical contemporary resort, integral with the corner location, revitalising the character of the streetscape and promoting natural ventilation throughout the building.
  • The proposal provides for urban landscape integration into the building form. The strong facade articulation promotes variety in external appearance, enhancing the contextual relationship and character of the streetscape.


  • 2020 Far North Queensland Architectural Awards - Honorable Mention