Project : North West Queensland Primary Health Care Gulf Infrastructure – Scoping study

edgearchitecture has proved to be a very professional, comprehensive and flexible company to deal with, from submission of expression of interest through to completion of project. There was a wide range of experience and skills to draw on, with communication and teamwork strong components of their success. We have been particularly pleased with the flexibility and responsiveness Edge has shown towards change of plans and agreement of final details. We would be keen to work with edgerchitecture in the future.”

Client: Jo Symons, North West Qld Primary Health Care, 2008


Project : BER Schools – Refurbishment

“Congratulations Gordon and Team it certainly looks like a winner, your commitment to achieve the best for your clients whether they be top shelf resorts or humble school facilities sets your team well above the competition.”

Client: Aaron Butteris, DETA, 2011


Project : Castaways Resort & Spa – Refurbishment

“The resuscitation of tourism infrastructure is an important and ongoing requirement for relevance and commercial success. This is particularly important for assets in the tropical zone where extremes of climate and heavy wear and tear require renewal over short time frames.

The Mission Beach frontage for the Castaways Resort has been skilfully repositioned as a major element of the resort experience with the public space renewed with a tactile and subtle interplay of new timber elements, pools and integrated place making concepts.

Client: Castaways Resort, Mission Beach, 2010