Edgearchitecture was formed to advance design solutions in the tropical regions of Australia towards environmentally sustainable architecture. Experience and expertise in architecture and related disciplines has been developed over the last 37 years and practiced within Australia and South East Asia.

So, edgearchitecture has the experience, technical skills and resources to provide the best available advice and solutions to development projects. Our team can readily identify the issues involved, propose practical solutions and work with other professionals to achieve a successful outcome.

More, we emphasise that climate considerations in building and urban forms are of paramount importance towards creating thermal comfort conditions in the warm-humid tropical regions. A holistic approach, including financial decisions, design strategies, application of technology, materials selection, energy and performance data are effectively integrated towards promoting best practice operating environment for the building owner and occupants.

In addition, our innovative information technology applications such as Archicad (Building Simulation) will be tailored to meet your requirements and will deliver the information you require anytime, anywhere.

Finally, Gordon Beath will be your primary point of contact at edgearchitecture. He will ensure your team provides a constant level of responsive and superior service. We are committed to the efficient turnaround of quality work.




 “Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you anywhere.”

                     Albert Einstein












edgearchitecture in a few words

– Enthusiasm and commitment to innovation.


– Relevant and recent experience.


– Our key people allocated to the project.


– A succesful, quality-managed approach to meeting clients’ needs.


– A responsible and successful history of managing projects.




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                    Intelledgence…knowing when to stop